IBM unveils ‘African’ textile pattern with a twist

IBM is announcing a new textile pattern for African women that looks more like an afro wig than a traditional afro.

The pattern is inspired by traditional African weaving, and it is called “Africa’s First” and is part of the company’s African Women and Technology initiative.

The afro is one of the most common hairstyles in Africa, with a wide range of different variations, from black hair to straight hair.

“Africans are very good at using hair as a means of decoration,” IBM CEO Nirmala Sitharaman told CNBC.

“It can be used as a way of making a statement.”

The company will also use the afro to help it understand the social and economic context in which women’s hairstyles have been created, according to a statement.

The company has made the Afro a focus of its “Women of Color” initiative, which aims to provide women with access to STEM careers.

The Afro is the first Afro to be showcased in a fashion show, and Sitharama said it’s part of a broader initiative.

“This is an Afro that is part and parcel of what is happening in African culture and culture of women,” she said.

“The Afro has been a part of African fashion, which we are really trying to celebrate.”

The Afros are woven by local women and can be purchased online or at select stores in Africa.

A number of African countries, including Kenya, Senegal, and Ghana, also use afros.

The patterns are inspired by the traditional weave, but the fabric is dyed with natural and synthetic fibers to give the fabric a more organic look.

“We wanted to create a fabric that was an integral part of our culture, but we also wanted to do it in a way that was truly beautiful,” said Siyad Abi, CEO of African Beauty & Spa.

Abi told CNBC that the Afros look is “a little bit different than what we’ve seen in the past.”

The afros are meant to show a variety of different cultures and cultures of people.

“These are not just African hairstyles,” he said.

Ablaufa said that the afros represent the diverse cultures of the African continent, with the africans having been “sourced from all over the world.”

In a statement, Ablana said that “African Beauty & Salon is committed to the integration of all women into the African fashion industry and we are excited to share our expertise with the rest of the world through the creation of this new afro.”

The announcement comes just a few days after IBM released a report that said African women are the most educated group in the world.

“Today, African women hold an incredible level of leadership and knowledge,” said IBM’s chief innovation officer, Chris DeCoster, in a statement announcing the report.

“In fact, we are finding that African women make up a significant portion of the top 100 people globally, and are the fastest-growing generation of women in technology.”

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