What’s wrong with the new Ikea furniture?

What’s wrong with the new Ikea furniture?

A new wave of Ikea designs have left the furniture brand’s customers baffled.

The company’s latest addition is the furniture for a futuristic movie set, but it’s not just a movie set that needs new furniture.

Ikea has also redesigned the furniture, which some customers say looks like a spaceship from outer space.

The design for the spaceship features a large window that opens up to reveal a large display of furniture and a glass wall.

Ikeas furniture is also different from the designs of other brands.

For example, the company uses an entirely different construction method to create the furniture than the ones that came before it.

Al Jazeera’s Sami Al-Jafari, reporting from Dubai, said: “Ikea has redesigned the spaceship for a new film set and the furniture looks a lot like the spaceship.

The space station is just a huge spaceship with a large viewport and the chairs are all sort of floating, like a floating house.”

Al-Khatib, who is from Tunisia, said that the furniture has a “new design”.

He added: “It looks like it’s made of glass.

And you can’t see anything in the windows.”

Some customers have complained that the new furniture looks too futuristic for the times.

Al-Rabban, from Egypt, told Al Jazeera that she has not found a single item that is “not like the Ikea spaceship”.

“I’ve seen Ikea in the past, but I have never seen anything that is really futuristic,” she said.

Al-‘Ali said that there was a “very strange feeling” when he opened up his Ikea collection.

He said: I was really excited when I saw the spaceship and I got so excited.

I’m so glad that they’re introducing a spaceship in the next generation.

The Ikea store has more than 50,000 sq ft in the UK.

The new Ikeas spaceship is part of a range of new furniture designed by Ikea.

Aladdin, from Dubai and Al-Masri, from Morocco, both said that they did not notice any difference in the new spaceship compared to the previous designs.

Al ‘Ali said: It’s not really futuristic, it’s just a spaceship, but Ikea made a very good spaceship and they are making good progress.

The designers of the spaceship have described the new design as a “revolution”.