World’s largest textiles exhibition opens in Turkey

World’s largest textiles exhibition opens in Turkey

A textiles exhibit in Istanbul opened on Tuesday in the capital Ankara, marking the largest textile exhibition in Turkey’s history.

The exhibition, curated by the Turkish-British Museum, is being held in the main museum of the Turkish Republic, where the country is undergoing a transition from authoritarian rule to democracy, following the ouster of former President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2014.

The Turkish-American Art Association (TAA) says the exhibition, featuring a total of 1,000 works, will celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Turkey.

The first exhibition was held in Istanbul in 2008.

More than 300,000 pieces were sold in the opening of the exhibition and in the first two years, more than 1,100 works were exhibited, according to the TAA.

The exhibition will last until March next year.