Why a new line of clothing made in China could help save the world

Why a new line of clothing made in China could help save the world

By SHAY NAGELMANAssociated PressThe new line is a response to the rising global cost of clothing and apparel, but it also offers a glimpse into the future of fashion in China.

(AP: Ashley DePillis)The line, called the ‘Cotton & Silk’, is part of the brand’s China expansion, with new apparel including clothing, accessories and shoes.

It will be available at select retailers this summer.

A spokesman for the brand, whose main target is China’s rapidly growing middle class, said the line was developed after a discussion with global retailers in January.

The spokesman said it would not include apparel made in countries such as India, which is still a major source of apparel in China, and Vietnam, which still accounts for a growing share of apparel sales.

The Cotton & Silk line has been developed with the aim of providing clothing for the middle class.

It’s a way to provide consumers with a choice that’s not going to be available anymore, the spokesman said.

(Reuters)The brand will be open for business from July through September and will be able to sell its new line at stores and online.

It is the first apparel line by a Chinese clothing company to be launched in the U.S.

Since the start of the year, the apparel industry in China has grown by 25% to $4.3 trillion, according to the World Economic Forum.

China’s apparel exports reached $2.2 trillion last year, according a report from China Merchants Bank.

The apparel sector is still an extremely volatile industry, and the number of imports of clothing has dropped in recent years, as a result of stricter regulations and tougher laws.

The trend is driven in part by the country’s booming middle class and its increasing consumption of clothes, which have increased demand for imported products.

The new Cotton & Silks line is the latest in a line of apparel that has been designed for the growing middle-class in China as it grows from a small consumer to one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

The new line offers a new way to appeal to consumers that is not available in the traditional way, the brand said.

In January, the company unveiled the ‘Pants and Shoes’ line, a line that features dresses, skirts, pants and sweaters for the women’s fashion industry.

The clothing line, which features more than 1,000 items including dresses, tops, dresses and sweats, is also the first to come out of China’s newly established ‘Chinese Fashion Week’ initiative.

The event is an annual celebration of fashion design and fashion-forward products and features exhibitions, performances, food and drinks.

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