How to make a better, cheaper, faster and more effective toilet paper

How to make a better, cheaper, faster and more effective toilet paper

You probably have a dirty or dirty toilet paper, so you’re probably wondering what’s in it and what it’s for.

Here are some basic rules of thumb for making a better and cheaper, more effective and more sustainable toilet paper.1.

Do not throw away old toilet paper2.

Buy from a source that’s trustworthy3.

Avoid the old and the dirty4.

Avoid brands that have a poor reputation5.

Buy organic toilet paper6.

Always read and keep your receipt7.

Never use disposable wipes or sanitizers.8.

Never mix up your toilet paper9.

Buy the same type of toilet paper for all your needs10.

Be wary of using products with the same brand.11.

Use the freshest toilet paper available12.

Always wash your hands before using the toilet paper and not after.13.

Use a reusable cloth bag.14.

Buy a clean and reusable container15.

If you’re using a toilet paper roll or roll-up container, put it in the toilet and cover it with paper or a towel.16.

Use toilet paper that has a good smell and good absorbency.17.

Always use paper towels that are completely dry, with a clean cloth underneath and in the sink.18.

Never store toilet paper in a toilet with a broken toilet paper handle19.

Keep a clean towel or toilet paper container in your purse.20.

Do your research on the brands and brands of toilet papers you’re buying.

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