New Zealanders look forward to new look clothing brand, new logo and new home

New Zealanders look forward to new look clothing brand, new logo and new home

New Zealand’s new clothing brand Hilton is getting ready to make its debut in the country.

The brand is the brainchild of Australian fashion designer Peter Lattimore, who has been working in New Zealand since 2015 and was looking to create a new brand to capture the attention of international brands.

Lattimore said Hilton’s logo is “the perfect symbol to capture our brand’s personality and identity”, adding that the brand was designed to be “a global brand”.

“It will be an opportunity to do something a little different for New Zealand and to start a new chapter in our lives,” he said.

“We hope it will be a good one.”

New Zealanders are now familiar with the brand after it made waves in the United States and Australia in the early days of the global fashion industry.

Hilton’s logo, featuring a long blue collar, white shirt and red tie, has been worn on its websites and merchandise in New York and London.

It has also been worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce.

Loot and merchandise will be sold in stores across the country starting from March, while the brand’s website and social media channels will be live from April 1.

Auckland’s Hilton Hotel Group said in a statement that the launch of the brand would be “the culmination of a long journey”.

“We are excited about the brand and its arrival in New Zeland,” it said.

“The brand will bring to our brand a unique blend of fashion and hospitality that will help New Zealand become a global destination for the global consumer.”

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