A Midwestern textile industry that’s scrambling to find new markets is facing a shortage of raw materials and workers.A new

A Midwestern textile industry that’s scrambling to find new markets is facing a shortage of raw materials and workers.A new

in the American Journal of Industrial Relations reveals how this Midwest textile industry is struggling to find its own markets for its materials.

It was started in the 1950s by an employee who had been working in a cotton mill.

And the company has since grown into one of the largest textile manufacturers in the country.

The story starts with the workers.

It’s a tale of hard work and dedication that has kept the company alive for more than two decades.

The worker who was in the mill, who was a mill employee, is now the company’s CEO.

He said he was very happy that he was able to leave and get to do something that he loves.

But the mill is in the middle of a restructuring, and the factory is closing down, he said.

It will be the first time that the factory has closed down.

We have some of the hardest working men and women out there in the world, and we just have to get back to business.

And the CEO said the factory still has the ability to produce high quality products.

And then there are some problems.

One is the quality of the material, and it’s hard to find it.

And we have to replace some of our skilled workers.

The CEO said some of those workers are going to have to go out of the country, and they’ll have to train in other countries.

And a large part of the mill’s work is being outsourced to China.

And there is some concern that the mill will be forced to cut back on jobs because of that.

And it’s a huge pain in the neck, he added.

It just sucks for everybody.

So we are going back to the drawing board, and hopefully we can come up with something that is better.

And they are going through that process right now.

And they are looking at ways to do this better.

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