Textile Industry Pay Gap Widens in 2018

Textile Industry Pay Gap Widens in 2018

Pay inequality is a growing issue in the textile industry.

Some companies are hiring less workers and cutting corners to make ends meet.

Here are the top 10 reasons textile companies need to hire more.1.

You want to build a new business2.

You don’t have enough employees3.

Your workforce is growing4.

You have to raise prices5.

Your supply chain is fragmented6.

You are running out of raw materials and/or products7.

Your manufacturing costs are high8.

Your sales are stagnating9.

Your factory is closed10.

Your employees don’t want to work in your company.1-6.

Pay inequality can create significant health issues and lead to lower quality products.7.

If you have a high turnover rate, employees are leaving.

If this happens, you will run out of time to improve and improve again.


The lack of employees means the company is spending more money on salaries than it is on research and development.9.

The higher turnover means the number of employees and their pay may not be sufficient to cover all of the employees’ costs.10.

It is difficult to find skilled workers who want to come to the company.

If your workforce is aging, it can be difficult to recruit new employees.