When you want to know how much you’ll save in the long run, look at how much material you produce

When you want to know how much you’ll save in the long run, look at how much material you produce

It’s the story of the clothing industry, and a new study from the University of Toronto is hoping to change that.

The study looked at the cost of clothing made in different production methods, and concluded that while it’s possible to produce clothing for a price lower than $200 per piece, the real cost of a garment is higher than that.

“We have to ask ourselves whether we should be using those prices to try and reduce the amount of material we’re using to produce garments, or to try to increase the amount that we’re producing,” said Professor Matthew Wilson, who led the research.

“There’s really a range of cost estimates.

The average person could produce clothing at $40 per piece for a factory in Canada.

They could produce at $100 per piece in China.

The actual cost to produce a garment in Canada, at the end of the day, is $100,000 per piece.”

While the cost per piece is a rough guide, the researchers found that for a single-layer, fabric, it would take a worker more than four months to produce the same amount of fabric in the United States.

While the research suggests that higher-cost production methods may be worth the trade-offs in terms of reducing waste, it does have one problem.

It’s unclear how to quantify the costs associated with different production techniques, said Wilson.

“In the U.S. textile industry, there’s an enormous amount of research that has been done on how to reduce waste.

I think we’re going to have to continue to do research to really understand what the tradeoffs are, because there are so many.”

In Canada, where a single garment can be made in about three days, there is little research on how much it costs to produce cloth in a single factory.

The only other country with similar numbers is the United Kingdom, which has a total textile industry worth $7.6 billion.

Wilson said there are several options that could be explored to improve the efficiency of the Canadian textile industry.

He suggested investing in better processes that could reduce the time it takes to produce textile, such as reducing the amount by which fabric is woven and using smaller mills.

He also suggested investing more in technology to improve production processes.

“A lot of the processes that we’ve studied, we’ve found that they’re a lot more efficient in terms the amount and the volume of waste that they produce,” said Wilson, adding that the cost savings may be greater if factories were able to make garments from scratch.

“It’s a lot harder to do in the U of T because the cost is so much higher.

We’re working on a couple of different ways of increasing the efficiency, so we’re not just trying to make it more expensive, we’re trying to do more efficient.”

The researchers said they expect that the research will help researchers understand how much waste material is produced in the Canadian industry, as well as improve efficiency and efficiency of manufacturing processes.

They hope the results can help the industry become more efficient and more efficient at using waste material.

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