The ‘world’s most powerful’ robot is now a man

The ‘world’s most powerful’ robot is now a man

It’s the first time a man has ever created a machine with a head that resembles a woman’s.

Inventor Michael J. Liao, 51, invented the humanoid robot and head, the Robogro, at his company, the China-based ZTE Corporation.

He said it took him two years to design the head and the robotic arm, and was the first humanoid robot to have a human-like body.

Liao, who invented the robotic arms and head for ZTE’s robotics division, is the inventor of the world’s most advanced robot, the G5, which can move through a 1.2-mile (1.8 km) radius.

The robot was unveiled by the company at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Thursday.

The company’s CEO, Jiang Yuan, said that the head was inspired by a woman who had lost her right eye after a car accident.

Liu’s robot is the first of its kind.

Robots with heads that resemble women have been around since the 1970s.

Some robots, such as the Google robot and the robot from Pixar, resemble women and look like they are women.

But Liao’s head is made of a composite material, like aluminum.

And the head has a pair of eyes, which are fused together, to mimic human eyes.

The head and body are so thin that you could almost touch them, said Liao.

“It’s not just a head.

The head is not just just a piece of metal, but it’s a body,” Liao said.

He added that the robotic head is capable of performing many complex tasks, including walking and grasping objects.

“The robot is able to lift objects, to pick up objects, it can climb, and it can manipulate objects,” Liau said.

The G5 is the company’s first humanoid machine that has a head like a woman.

Liai said it will be used in factories in the future, and will be able to perform tasks that a human cannot.

“This robot is not only a prototype, it’s also a first for the world,” Liu said.

But the robot’s design has drawn criticism from women’s rights groups.

A petition signed by more than 100,000 people calling for Liao to be fired by the ZTE corporation is circulating on social media.

The petition says the head is designed to “maintain the male-dominant gender” in China.

The group said it hopes to pressure ZTE to ban Liao from working at its company and called for him to be barred from entering the United States.

Liai told The Associated Press he plans to defend himself and is determined to make the robots better.

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