US says it’s ‘firmly committed’ to banning Hmong textile imports

US says it’s ‘firmly committed’ to banning Hmong textile imports

US President Donald Trump has promised to stop exporting Chinese textile products to the United States.

The White House said Monday that the US will impose tariffs on imports of imported Chinese textile goods from Vietnam.

The US imposed tariffs on Chinese goods in June.

The president said that the trade sanctions would be lifted when the Chinese Government’s textile exports to the US are stopped.

The tariffs will only be lifted on imported Chinese goods that are made by a Vietnamese company, according to a statement released by the White House.

The statement added that the President also wants to ensure that the Vietnamese government will continue to protect its textile industry from Chinese domination.

China has been the most vocal opponent of the US tariffs on Hmong textile imports.

Hmong are considered illegal migrants in Vietnam, which has long had a tense relationship with the United Kingdom.

The UK has since announced that it will suspend the import of Hmong products from Vietnam, and US textile exporters will also be subject to duties.

The United States, the European Union, Canada and China have also been working on a new trade agreement.

In March, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution calling for a free and independent Hmong state.

The draft deal will include an end to the current dispute between Vietnam and the US, the White Helmets group, which is fighting for the rights of Heng Sa Ngo, the country’s first president.

The agreement has been criticised by China, which sees Hmong as being linked to terrorism.

The UN Security Council on Monday condemned the trade restrictions as “the continuation of a policy of discrimination against the Hmong people.”

The UNSC statement said that while the trade embargo on Heng will be lifted, the Heng State will be subjected to restrictions on its people and its economy.

The resolution called on the UNSC “to fully implement the commitments made by the United Nation General Assembly, as well as to further support the Hongans and Hmong in the fight against discrimination, poverty and injustice.”

The statement also called on all countries to “refrain from any discrimination and to ensure the protection of the human rights of the Hpong people.”

A US government official said the president’s statement was “a very good start” in ending the trade ban.

“We are working very closely with the Hng Sa Nga regime on the new trade deal,” the official said.

“That’s what we need.”