What the shop owners are saying about the war in Gaza

What the shop owners are saying about the war in Gaza

It has been a busy month in the Gaza Strip, as Israel and Hamas battle for control of the territory.

The Palestinian Authority has been pushing for peace talks, while Israel has repeatedly bombed Gaza to deter the population from continuing to resist.

But on Friday, a bomb went off outside a shop that sells clothing to Gazais, killing a child and injuring several others.

The shop owner, Ahmed al-Rab, told Al Jazeera he was hit in the arm and face.

The explosion tore open a hole in the wall that separated his shop from the road and the shop’s other three windows, and he was forced to evacuate, he said.

Al-Rabs shop, called “The Shop of the Poor,” was among many that have been targeted by Israeli forces.

Al Rab, 42, was killed when the bomb exploded.

Al Jab, who declined to give his full name, told the BBC that he left his home on Friday to seek medical attention after he was attacked by the Israeli army.

He said he is now in a Gaza hospital with “several” injuries.

Israeli forces are believed to have been targeting the shop with “explosive” ordnance.

In response to the attack, Al Jab said he had stopped working and fled the area.

He added that he is not prepared to give details about his injuries.

The Israeli army says that it has carried out “more than 10” raids against shops in Gaza over the past month.

The latest incident took place in the southern town of Sderot, near the Israeli border.

A military spokesman said the Israeli forces killed a Hamas member on Thursday in an attempt to kill another, but that the Palestinian militant group was “still at large”.

The spokesperson said the group was seeking to destroy the Israeli-run shop.

Israel says the Palestinian group is the main armed wing of the Islamist group Hamas, which is fighting to establish a Palestinian state in the West Bank.

A spokesperson for the Israeli military said that there were two attacks in Sderots, which was hit by an Israeli air strike.

It was not clear if the two incidents were related.

The attacks came a day after an Israeli airstrike hit the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis, killing two people, including an 18-year-old boy, according to an Israeli military statement.

The statement said a Hamas commander had been killed and two other fighters were wounded in the attack.

The United Nations said that at least 15,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza in the past two years.

The UN has been trying to broker a truce between Hamas and Israel, which are currently embroiled in an ongoing war with Egypt over the Palestinian enclave.

Al Kabra’s shop is not the first shop in Gaza to have come under attack by Israeli air raids.

On Thursday, the UN released a video showing a fire that destroyed a number of houses in the northern Gaza Strip.

The fire took place during the night, when it was dark, and destroyed at least eight houses, the video said.

The video showed residents fleeing from the scene and taking shelter in the nearby mosque.

The IDF says it has been conducting a number on-the-ground raids in the area, and that its troops have also carried out attacks on Palestinian armed groups.

Israel has also reportedly fired at a group of masked men who were reportedly attempting to set up a checkpoint.

The BBC’s Sarah Rainsford in Gaza City says that while the international community is still trying to determine the causes of the recent wave of violence, the Israeli government is already feeling the strain.

Our correspondent says that the latest incident is a reminder of the need for the international powers to make it clear to the Israelis that the Israeli defence establishment will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.

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