How the royal plaza textile recycling program is changing a textile mill’s lives

How the royal plaza textile recycling program is changing a textile mill’s lives

The textiles that used to be destined for Walmart or Walmart Supercenters are now being recycled by local textile companies in Guatemala, and that’s helping the mills’ workers.

The Guatemalan government announced Tuesday that it will invest $1 million to hire 800 new workers to help the country’s textile mills clean up their waste, and to build new facilities that will eventually serve as textile recycling hubs.

The textiles are being used in many Guatemalan industries, from textile making to textile sewing, and in some cases, they are also used in clothing and jewelry.

The new hires will work in textile factories in the capital, Guatemala City, as well as in other cities, such as Guatemala City and Monterrey, in addition to other cities and states.

The textile recycling project is a part of the Guatemala National Commission for Textiles, which is tasked with creating a comprehensive plan to provide jobs and economic opportunity to the countrys textile industry.

It also oversees a number of other government programs aimed at supporting local businesses.

According to the commission, Guatemala’s textile sector employed about 7,000 people in 2015.

In the first six months of this year, the number of workers who were employed in the textile industry increased by 40 percent, the commission said.

The government has already invested in several other textile recycling projects, including in the city of Monterry in the north of Guatemala, the capital city of Guatemala City in the southwest, and the province of La Paz.

In a press release, the Guatemalan Textile Industry Commission said that in 2016, it invested $8.6 million in the program.

In order to have a successful program, the government must first find the right partners and ensure the projects will deliver benefits for Guatemalan businesses.

The commission hopes that by working with local businesses and with the public, it can ensure that Guatemalan textile mills can make a positive contribution to the economy and boost Guatemalan workers’ incomes.

“The program is a positive step toward our long-term goal of making Guatemala a truly textile hub, with all sectors working together to create jobs for Guatemalans and improve the lives of our people,” said Elissa Gonzalez-Cruz, chair of the commission.

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