Why Ivanka Trump Is Getting Paid to Make Textile Products

Why Ivanka Trump Is Getting Paid to Make Textile Products

When it comes to making clothes, Ivanka Trump’s daughter has been paid millions of dollars by her own clothing line, according to a report.

Ivanka Trump & Co. made $14 million in apparel sales in 2017, according the latest figures from the company.

The clothing line Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are in charge of sells clothing for $149 a pair, according The Wall Street Journal.

The Ivanka Trump clothing line makes up only 3 percent of its $1.5 billion annual sales.

It is also the only one that sells exclusively to women.

The Journal reported that Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and their company received an estimated $14.4 million from their clothing line in 2017.

Ivanka has made headlines in recent months for her fashion line, which includes a collection of jewelry, dresses, pants and other items that have become a hit with fans.

In March, the fashion line debuted its newest line, a line featuring “a little girl” dressed up in a white dress and shoes, according CNBC.

Ivanka herself recently tweeted that she is “proud” of the collection.

Ivanka said on Twitter that she has a “small daughter” who loves her clothing line and that she wants to show her the world she can make a good thing out of anything.

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