A new ‘robo’ to make textiles smarter: IBM

A new ‘robo’ to make textiles smarter: IBM

IBM is offering a textiles robot that can do all the work of an experienced designer, with less human interaction, for $300.

The robot is called the IBM RoBot, and it comes with a suite of new capabilities, including a robotic arm that can carry out hand gestures and create patterns.

The robot is powered by IBM’s Watson computer, which has already been used to create textiles at fashion houses like Ralph Lauren, and to design and create furniture for the designer-run New York Design Center.

The company says the RoBot can work at least five different tasks, including texturing, printing, stitching, and cutting.

The RoBot’s robot arm has a number of sensors to detect objects, and can detect a textured object, create a pattern on the surface of the textured surface, and print a design.

The IBM RoBots hand is capable of performing manual movements, and has sensors to identify and respond to different types of motion.

For example, the robot can create patterns on the text surface, using the hand to create a new pattern and then attach the pattern to a piece of cloth, according to the company.

The RoBot also can apply different types and shapes of texturing to a surface, like using the arm to create dots on the face of a texturing object, or applying pressure on a textural surface to produce different shapes of the texture.

For more from The Verge, check out these stories:The robot’s first job was to print a new logo for the New York design center.

“We’re doing a new kind of print job that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world,” said IBM product manager John O’Connor.

He says the new job is a mix of manual and software tasks, which is different than most textiles robots.

“This is a new type of robot that’s not really a robot in the traditional sense,” O’Connor said.

The new job, however, is still being worked on.

The design center has also started selling the RoBot as a gift for the designers of the company’s textiles studio.

The new RoBOT can be used to print all kinds of textiles in all sorts of different designs, like a design for a new restaurant or an outdoor patio, or a textile with a new design for an apartment building.

The goal is to create an experience for people that’s like a museum, where the whole building is interactive, O’Connors said.

The company has also built a new software package that is being used by designers and designers of other companies, including fashion designers like Ralph Lazzarini and Jean-Paul Gaultier, who have also recently started using the robots in their work.

O’Connell said the Robot is now being used for about 10 different projects.

The software package is called ‘RoBot,’ and the company says it can work on textiles from a number at a time, as well as on a variety of different kinds of printing materials.

The code can be built from a few hundred lines of code.

The robots are designed to be a “smart, responsive, and easy-to-use solution,” according to IBM, and they will be available for purchase in the third quarter of 2018.

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