How to get rid of the plastic waste from your clothes

How to get rid of the plastic waste from your clothes

Textile industry leaders have come up with a solution to the problem of plastic waste.

The textile sector is responsible for more than 70% of the world’s waste.

A recent survey by the International Textile Forum found that 60% of consumers say they will put plastic waste into the garbage.

That’s more than the U.S. textile industry, which has an annual capacity of about 6 million tonnes.

The industry says it will use technology to recycle waste in a way that will save time, water and money.

The industry is also working on a program to create green technology and create more jobs for textile workers.

It’s a strategy that has some experts excited.

“We think it will make a huge difference in the future,” said Steve McQueen, chief executive of the Canadian Textile Alliance, a trade group representing Canadian manufacturers.

“The textile industry is one of the most efficient in the world, and we think that it’s very important that we continue to innovate and grow the industry.”

The group is working with textile companies to develop a process that will use solar energy and micro-organisms to break down the waste.

The technology is already in use in some factories in Asia.

The technology is not as new as the industry would like to think.

In fact, textile manufacturers have been using it for decades.

But McQueen said the industry has been hesitant to embrace the technology.

The problem with traditional recycling is that it has a high level of environmental impact, according to the textile industry.

It’s one of many ways that waste is recycled in a process called “leaching,” in which plastic, other materials and chemicals are mixed in with the wastewater.

“You end up with waste that is very, very expensive to deal with,” said David Salloum, an associate professor at Simon Fraser University who studies waste.

“Leaching is a problem for the textile sector and it’s one that we don’t have a lot of experience with.”

But Sallousm said that the industry is now developing technology to eliminate leaching, a process the industry says could reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment.

“The technology we’re developing right now has the potential to significantly reduce the volume of plastic in the wastewater,” he said.

Salloums company, Cascadia Industries, has developed a process for recycling plastic waste in the ocean.

It will use algae that are fed back into the ocean through a pipeline.

The algae are harvested at the surface and the waste is then removed.

“That technology is now being put into production in the U

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